Thursday, 11 June 2015


Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee the great and beloved actor has passed on the seventh of June. I think this has his everyone very much.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Hatred - A Game released 1st June 2015

Video Review: Find The Exit

I was looking on to find an indie game to review and I found this one. I enjoyed it, but to discover more you'll have to look on the video.

The audio is out of sync, that's my doing not the game's. I think it was with audacity.

The Making Of

I made the video with using Audacity to record the sounds of the game (having Stereo Mix on), and I also used Licecap to record the video as a GIF. I recorded around seven minutes of this. I tried to use GIMP to crop some of it. Since I had around 10 MB of video, this really didn't work.

Fortunately, ffmpeg could crop it without much  of a difference. I then recorded more audio with Audacity, this time using the microphone. Then added them all together with ffmpeg , as well as limiting it to three minutes, to create a WebM that I then uploaded to YouTube.

And that was the making of.

Unity 5.1 Has Been Released

Unity 5.1 has been released. It is alleged to improve upon some of the features from the original Unity 5 including the most notable improvement on making it work better with the Occulus Rift.

The Official View of Pied Games?

Pied Games thinks that engines are rubbish. Although, many games are made with engines, it is Pied Games who must ask the question: Are they any good?

Even if they are, it is the official view of Pied Games that we hate working with engines, That we'd much rather have complete control of all our assets, where they are, and how they interact and to be able to do all the building the game from the assets in one unified way in one unified interface.

This liberty, for that is what it is, creates a more unique and personalized working environment. It is understandable why big businesses want to stomp out those last vestiges in the quest for productivity, but why would hobbyists do that to themselves?

Pied Games say: We haven't the foggiest.

Then again: De gustibus non est disputandum.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Welcome - Our Aim

Welcome to Pied Games! We're very glad to have you here.

Over the course of the next couple of days we hope to roll out some reviews, some articles, some comics, some cartoons, maybe even some music if we can make some that doesn't make is want to tear our ears off. No media or medium is off-limits as long as it doesn't get in our way of taking about: Games, games, games!

We want to talk about a lot and we want to talk about a range of things. In two hundred years we want to be thought of as the Heretodus of the 21st Century gaming scene. If that requires a new dark age in order to wipe out any records of our competitors than that's fine by us. If we need a new black plague to wipe out any of our competitors, then that's fine by us.

We'll talk about indies, we'll talk about non-indies, we'll talk about non-games if it helps shed light on games. We'll try to do a lot, I hope we'll succeed in some of it.

Good luck and good fishing.